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Quotable vol. 2

Quotable is a new feature on the blog where I share song lyrics that have resonated with me and are just that – quotable. Today’s lyrics are from a song by The Staves, Wisely & Slow. This line made me think of all the instances in my life where I’ve whispered and stood back when I actually should have yelled and stood up for myself or someone else.

{image by me}

Another Check On My List

Yet another thing I can check off my list: Go to a music concert. Friday night a friend and I attended the Dear Reader concert in Pretoria and simply put, it was amazing. I’ve been a fan of Dear Reader for years now and it was great to see them live and experience the atmosphere of a small, intimate concert. I couldn’t take any photos, but here are my¬† two favourite Dear Reader songs from their new album:

What does it take to be great?

We have traveled too far…