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About Susan

I am a final year university student, studying Consumer Science and Business Management. I love God first and foremost. He is my Everything. I like music. Oh wait, I love music! I pretty much make some form of music every day of my life. I play piano and violin. Fun! I really like writing. Poetry, music, prayers, journal-ing, to do lists... I sometimes can be extremely random... Hey look! A kitty! And easily distracted. ;-) I also like anything arty. And the Sims 3. Oh, and how could I forget? I am a bookworm. 'nough said. I guess that's quite a few things about me. Where do I live? I stay in sunny South Africa and I love this country so much! I was born...Wait, that's probably too much information. This is the internet after all!

Taking Stock


Ever notice how at this time of year the standard answer to “How are you?” seems to be “Busy!”? But aren’t we all? And what is it that is keeping you so busy? Just a couple of questions that have been swooshing around in my brain. In our busyness our default setting becomes autopilot and we become blind to what’s happening around us. I think that taking stock of your life can be of great value and help you switch to a default setting of being present in each moment and make you aware of what you’re spending time on. As Emily Dickinson put it: Forever is composed of nows.

For a while I was out of the loop of the blogging world and totally missed Pip’s Taking Stock post and that bloggers all over jumped on the bandwagon. I was scrolling through The Daybook Blog this morning and saw Sydney’s Taking Stock post and thought I love this! Taking stock is the perfect antidote to the autopilot syndrome. So here I am, taking stock of my life at the moment and sharing it with you, dear readers!

Making: progress on the portfolio I have to hand in at work on Friday.
Cooking: recipes from my growing collection of cookbooks. I try at least one new recipe every week to avoid getting into a cooking rut!
Drinking: delicious coffee made with my Aeropress. It’s one of the best coffee gadgets I own!
Reading: Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Timothy S. Lane and Paul David Tripp. For making sense of relationships as not-so-perfect human beings and as the back cover reads: “Hope for messy, conflict-ridden relationships”.
Wanting: a holiday.
Looking: out the window at the different shades of trees with pretty Jacarandas dispersed in-between.
Playing: Karen Zoid’s ZoidAfrika album. Went to her concert at the Atterbury theatre over the weekend and it was amazing!
Wasting: time on Yuppiechef compiling quite the formidable wishlist.
Fixing: my kitchen, it’s a bit of a mess right now.
Deciding: on a new haircut. I feel like changing things up a bit, but what?
Wishing:  I could take the rest of the afternoon off and have some alone-time in a coffee shop.
Enjoying: working out every day after work. It’s amazing how only 30 minutes every day can make a difference in your stress levels.
Waiting: to hear about some possible life-changing news at work. Trying very hard not to be anxious about it.
Liking: the Highveld thunderstorms we’ve been having recently. I’m a Jozi girl through and through ❤
Wondering: what we’ll do in Krav Maga class tonight. Still bruised from last week’s stress tests so I hope this week’s class is not too intense.
Loving: the way the sky changed from bright blue to cloudy in a  matter of hours. I feel a thunderstorm coming on!
Pondering: the friends I’ve made in the past year and how much my life has changed since moving to Jozi.
Considering: saving for a Europe trip. I’ve been drooling over The Everygirl’s Instagrams of their Contiki Europe trip.
Watching: Blue Bloods.
Hoping: I won’t have to move next year.
Marvelling: at the grace of God in every aspect of my life.
Needing: to explore new places in Jozi. I have a list of coffee shops I want to try. No jokes.
Smelling: the breeze coming through the open window – it smells like summer rain.
Wearing: heels and a pencil skirt. Feeling very grown-up and professional today 🙂
Following: my new favourite food blog, A Better, Happier St. Sebastian.
Noticing: how much people appreciate a listening ear and someone taking interest in their lives.
Knowing: that my friends and family are there for me no matter what. Blessed to know that.
Thinking: about Christmas gifts and avoiding the mad rush in December. Maybe I’ll actually buy gifts early this year (listen to yourself, Susan).
Feeling: loved.
Admiring: how friends’ little girl is learning to talk. They grow up so fast!
Buying: in-season fresh fruits and veggies for some healthy summer salads.
Getting: in the mind-set of winding down the year and preparing for the holiday season.
Bookmarking: Yuppiechef’s Art of Baking e-course. Gorgeous photography, helpful tips and easy recipes – love!
Opening: my Bible more often for hope and encouragement.
Giggling: at this Friends quote I found on Pinterest yesterday. Phoebe FTW.
Feeling: a bit anxious but hopeful.


{photo from my Instagram}

Crafty Tuesday

My fingers have been itching for a good crafting session recently so today I put together a few DIY ideas I would like to try. How cute are those Chalkboard Cats and the Cat Photo Wall Clock?! And the Washi Tape Wall is so simple but creates such a lovely effect. Any DIYs you’ve been meaning to try? Think I’m going to have to make one of these weekday nights a crafts night!

  1. Chalkboard Cats and Speech Bubbles
  2. Accordion Paper Folding Candle Holders
  3. Faux Leather Pouches
  4. Washi Wall
  5. Envelope Pillow Case in 5 Minutes
  6. Photo Wall Clock

Amy Scheepers is One Talented Lady

Check out the rad photography by the talented Amy Scheepers. I just love the dreamy feel that her photos have. It makes me want to walk through a forest or lie down in a field of flowers. Aaah, bliss. Better than sitting in the office all day on this beautiful Monday!

“I shoot with a desire to capture an underlying sense of narrative, both in my personal work as well as editorial and commercial projects. I am deeply inspired by romanticism, light and untouched beauty, and try my utmost to recreate the softness & beauty of dreams within each piece I create.”

1600x1200 1600x1200_1 1600x1200_2 1600x1200_3 1600x1200_4

Have a good Monday, dear readers!

{photos by Amy Scheepers}