Friday Apartment Love

I was planning on sharing a Pinterest Picks post today but I haven’t really been pinning all that much lately. I spent this week preparing for the weekend’s move to my new place. Busy busy busy! This weekend has lots of unpacking, organising and decorating in store. I can’t wait to get settled and make the flat my home with little details that I love. Trinkets and treasures, if you will. 🙂 

Last night I was catching up on some blogs and saw this unique apartment on Freunde von Freunden. The apartment belongs to Sandra Juto and Johan Pergenius. I love the details such as the Polaroid collection, crochet blanket and the large amount of plants. It looks so much like a home, if you understand what I mean. It seems to really reflect the owners’ personalities.

I’m interested in finding out, how do you express your personality in your space and how do you make it more like a home? When I see photos of homes, I always try to imagine what the owners might be like by looking at the little details I can spot in the rooms. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they decorate their homes, don’t you?

{Photography: Philipp Langenheim, Source: Freunde von Freunden}

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