Three Things: Keep it Organised

Do you have one of those super-organised homes or does your stuff end up on piles on the floor as soon as you enter the door? I wouldn’t say that I’m extremely organised but I definitely prefer order over chaos.

Since moving back in with my parents I must admit that my room has been everything but organised. All the stuff from my apartment and 4 years of university had to come home with me and I didn’t have space to put it all in my small bedroom with limited storage. I’ve found myself looking longingly at photos of those beautifully organised closets and bedrooms. So for today’s Three Things post I’ve decided to share three elements of organised bedrooms with you. And I’ll hope that my bedroom in my new flat will resemble these photos once I’m moved in and settled!

  1. Bedside table from Centsational Girl – baskets are so handy, don’t you think?
  2. Jewelry storage from The Everygirl – I just love jewelry trees so much.
  3. Wardrobe from Mariaemb – smart storage for scarves and shoes.


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