Etsy Finds: Holiday Edition #2

Hello dear readers. Happy Friday! Hope you have some fun and relaxation planned for the weekend. Maybe some gift shopping? To get you started, here are some Etsy gift guides as promised. Even if you can’t buy these exact items these guides can give you some ideas on what to buy your loved ones for Christmas. I’ve compiled four gift guides – for foodies, for the ladies, for the guys and lastly for the home. Hope it gives you some ideas!

  1. Red Heart Bowl from Rosslab
  2. Houses Kitchen Tea Towel from Garbella
  3. Coffee Print from ReStyle
  4. Letterpress Recipe Cards from OneCanoeTwo Letterpress
  5.  Turquoise Stoneware Salad Bowls from Suite One Studio
  6. Red Maple Hardwood Cutting Board from Timbergreen Woods
  7. Geometric Triangle Teapot and 2 Cups from Asleep From Day
  8. Foodie Embroidery Hoop Art from What. No Mints?
  9. Vintage Cookie Cutters from Beca Runs

  1. Pink Suede Clutch from Blackbird and the Owl
  2.  Ivory White Bunting Necklace from The Polka Dot Magpie
  3. Sequined Hand Knitted Sweater from Love and Knit
  4. M.I.R.A Cream Jersey Dress from FemKit
  5. Infinity Knot Ring from Tinahdee
  6. iPhone Case with Geometric Pattern from Basement 22
  7.  Leather Scallop Petals Necklace from Ampris Loves
  8. Fox Dreams Print from Keli Murray
  9. Aerodynamic Origami Places T-shirt from Milatree

  1. Light Grey Men’s Bow Tie from Tangled Ties
  2. E-reader Case in Gray Herringbone Wool from Fernfiddlehead
  3. Dove Origami Men’s T-shirt from Milatree
  4. Practice Makes Awesome Pencils from Earmark
  5. Steinbeck Moleskin Journal from Subtle Acts
  6. Walnut Wooden iPad Stand from The Hardwood Shop
  7. Handcrafted Shaving Brush from Soap for your Soul
  8. Handmade Brown Leather Camera Case from Loray:N
  9. Techie Cuff Links from ReComputing

  1. His and Hers Cat Nap Pillows from Xenotees
  2. Yarn Pom Pom Flowers from StephlovesBen
  3. Watercolour Feather Painting from RiverLuna
  4. Knitted Triangle Pattern Baby Blanket from Yarning Made
  5. Blue Ceramic Soap Dish from Azulado
  6. Three Vintage Blanket Baskets from Jennifer Lyons
  7.  Rustic Pencil Holder from Carriage Oak Cottage
  8. Vintage Mustard Coffee Mugs from ani & Rose
  9. Aya Metallic Silver and Natural Handprinted Pillowcover by melongings

As you can see from the last two pics, I’m really loving the gray-yellow colour combo at the moment 😀

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