Just a Minute in November

As I mentioned last month I’ve decided to take part in a fun series by Daydream Lily. At the beginning of each month I give a little update about my life at that moment. Feel free to play along on your blog or in the comments! Sorry for the unplanned absence on the blog this week but life kind of got in the way a bit. I’m busy searching for a job and our dissertation’s final submission date is looming closer (9 Nov!). I’m excited about finishing the chapter of my life where I’m a student and the prospect of starting my career. I believe that exciting times lie ahead…  I am so ready!

Reading… Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo’s adventures are so exciting! I’m aiming to read the entire Lord of the Rings series by June next year (it’s on my list) so I’ve got to get reading.

Drinking… Lots of ice tea and coffee. I especially enjoy Rooibos Ice Tea on those hot summer days in Potchefstroom.

Listening… to Mumford and Sons.Their new album, Babel, has blown my socks off. ‘Nough said.

Watching… Community. There have been moments where I’ve laughed so much, it literally hurt. Troy and Abed are my favourite characters and I love seeing their random moments shown at the end of most episodes.

Loving… the fact that I’ve almost finished my honours dissertation. I had an unreal moment today where we pasted all the different parts into one document and realised that we’re just about done. 32 pages without the reference list equals months of hard work!

Happy Friday, dear readers!

{photo source: Five Words}


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