Back from the Dragon Mountains

Hello dear readers! How are you all doing? I am back from my family holiday in the Drakensberg. We had a lovely time at Cayley Lodge in the Central Drakensberg, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and one of the best views of Bell Park Dam. I would definitely recommend the Drakensberg as a holiday destination. There is so much to do, from hiking trails to exploring arts and crafts shops. Oh and lots to eat too, especially in the Central Drakensberg, with places like Waffle Hut and The Valley Bakery. Luckily you can go hiking to compensate for all the yummy goodies you eat!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the trip:

Cayley Lodge really has one of the best views in the Berg as you can see in the bottom right photo that was taken from our balcony. The Body Bliss Day Spa is also at the lodge and I can finally check that off my list (have a spa day) after an afternoon of pampering and relaxation. Bliss!

As I mentioned there are loads of hiking trails in the area, with varying difficulties, that offer some amazing scenery to enjoy. We decided to avoid the challenging ones and go on a 4 km hike to a waterfall at Cathedral Peak. I had to keep myself from stopping every five minutes to take a photo of the beautiful surroundings. It was a hot spring day with the sun out in all its glory but the waterfall and cold pool at the end of our hike made everything worth it!

The Giants’ Castle Nature Reserve is another hiker’s paradise and to avoid repeating myself I will just let the photos speak for themselves.

{photos by me}

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