Just a Minute in September


I’ve decided to join in a fun series by Daydream Lily called Just a Minute. I think it would be fun to keep this one up and give a little update once a month. Feel free to play along!

Reading… Nabeel’s Song by Jo Thatchell. This book tells the life story of the famous Iraqi poet, Nabeel Yasin. It’s a great book so far, giving a glimpse of life in Baghdad during the many ups and downs that the country and its people faced, stretching from 1954-2004.

Drinking… Copious amounts of coffee. Oh and Woolworths berry juice.

Listening… to Azure Ray and Relient K. I’ve been on an Azure Ray kick recently and their mellow sounds are perfect for spring days. On the other end of the spectrum is one of my favourite bands of all time that I’m listening to again, the awesome Relient K. I’ve especially been loving this song.

Watching… I’m kind of hesitant to admit this, but I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars (season 1). Yes, I know…. Let’s just leave it at that.

Loving… the fact that it is strawberry season. Strawberries and cream, anyone? I’m also loving all the spring pastels in the shops, so pretty!

{photo source: Danielle Hughson’ flickr}


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