Shelving Collection

Hello dear readers. I always enjoy putting together interior design/decor posts since there is just so much inspiration out there on the internet. I can’t imagine how much interior design must have changed since the launch and popularity of design blogs, pinterest and online magazine sites. It feels like we always have an array of ideas at our fingertips to create beautiful homes.

After my ramblings, here are some more decor inspiration for you in the form of a collection of shelving and bookcases:

The dark background colour of this bookcase really gives it a classic look.

This bookcase has a specific colour palette that is reinforced by the chosen accessories. A bookcase is not just for books, as seen here, but can also be a place to display collections of interesting items.

These dark floating shelves are so sleek and well-styled.The white vases and items contrast well with the shelves and the pops of green create interest and add colour.

Now on to bright and colourful shelves, totally different to the previous images. I love everything about these shelves!

This bookcase is most likely in an office and I like the idea of minimizing clutter by using matching storage boxes.

Here we have more light and cheery shelves filled with a few carefully curated items. I like the breathing space that is created by leaving open areas between items. Very simplistic, don’t you think?

How cute is the polka dot detail added at the back of this bookshelf? And another way to make your shelves look styled is to arrange the books by colour.




{photos’ source: Recently; HGTV; Kelly Hoppen via here; frau-p; Third Floor Design Studio; Shareen Joel; Lonny mag}


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