Weekend Treasures

Hello there! How was your weekend, dear readers? My weekend was as cold as expected but we survived.  😉 I am now back at university for my final semester and I’m looking forward to it. This semester we will be writing a thesis and also doing a community project. I will probably get more info during my first class tomorrow. I took the above photo yesterday when we were on our way to visit my gran.  Typical Highveld winter with blackened grass due to veld fires. We drive past a nature reserve on our way there and I’m always on the lookout for some animals like antelope or baboons on the other side of that fence. Sadly the only things to be seen in the above photo are trees!

I hope that Monday treated you kindly. Here are a few links to some things I found over the weekend:

– This historic farmhouse is absolutely swoon-worthy.

– Beautiful Scandinavian and Japanese design in the Mjölk online store.

Jewelry by Natalie Joy. There are a few very nice pieces in this store.

– Innovative packaging design that involves coffee, seen here. Smart!

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