Diary of an Intern #3

pile of magazines

Hello. dear readers! Wow, I got so busy the rest of the week that I didn’t have time to keep my ‘Diary of an Intern’ series updated.  I finished my internship on Friday and overall it was an amazing experience.  I wish it was a longer internship, though! I met some great people and learned so much from the team at the magazine. After an insightful talk with the editor I think I’ll really enjoy working in this industry one day. We’ll see what happens…

Between a day of sourcing, writing 4 short pieces, doing a lot of research and attending an event with the editor I learned many lessons.  Probably the biggest lesson was the ability to multi-task like never before! I also learned the importance of building relationships with people.  My one regret would probably being a bit shy at first and not letting my personality  shine through enough.  A week was a bit short to achieve this but I did get an open invitation to come back in the future for another internship.

I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to catch a small glimpse into the inner workings of a magazine and experience working in such a creative team environment. And another bonus… the big city traffic and Johannesburg’s busy highways taught me valuable driving skills! And Johannesburg… you haven’t seen the last of this girl. I’ll be back!




{photo source: beis1’s Flickr}


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