Weekend Treasures

Hello dear readers! How was your weekend? The cold just got worse in South Africa and thanks to a cold front the maximum temperature today is a mere 10 degrees Celsius (about 50 degrees Fahrenheit).  I will probably spend the rest of my Monday in the same place I was for most of the weekend – curled up with a blanket in front of the fireplace and drinking some hot coffee. Hope you’re having a good Monday so far!

Here are some links to cool things I found over the weekend:

Cat eye plates from Miya Company. So pretty!

– Yummy recipes from Nook Eatery in Stellenbosch.

– I have a serious case of wanderlust after looking through Christopher Baker’s travel photography.

This DIY from Voyages of the Creative Variety. Such as cool idea, right?

Mary Jo and Steve Hoffman’s sneak peek on Design Sponge. Love their style!

You can see my other Weekend Treasures posts here.




{photo by me}


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