Books for my Shelf

Last night I was taking a break from studying for the upcoming exams and decided to put together another ModCloth wishlist (of course this is logical!).  This time around it’s filled with some pretty awesome books that I would love to own.

Now I have to know, am I the only one who likes putting together wishlists of things I could probably never buy?

Here are my picks:

{1} What Would Audrey Do? – I am a huge fan of anything Audrey Hepburn and this book is no different.

{2} Modern Vintage Style – This book showcases quirky combinations of modern and vintage interiors, full of ideas for my apartment, in other words!

{3} Finish This Book – This is such a great concept to fill in the blanks and create your own story!

{4} Sprinkle Bakes – Sub-title reads “Dessert recipes to inspire your inner artist”. Um, yes!

{5} I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar – I would buy this book for some laughs. And because poor grammar is definitely one of my pet peeves.

{6} Instant Love – I’m busy saving up to buy an instant camera, and this book will guide me in the right direction once I’ve bought it!




{photos’ source: ModCloth online store}


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