Weekend Treasures

Hello friends! How was your weekend?  Today I have more than one Weekend Treasures photo for you, as you can see.

I took these photos in my hometown, Henley on Klip.  My mom and I took our dog for a walk and I decided to take my camera along.  The bridge is just down the road from our house.  I love the abundance of trees in our town, and even though the Klip river makes it very cold in winter it’s nice to look at!

Happy Monday, dear readers! And as usual, here are some links to things that inspired me:

– Keiko Lynn’s pretty outfit.  She has the best style!

– Cheddar, thyme and rosemary drop biscuits from The Littlest Things. I want to try this recipe today.

Primp my blog series by Kira over at Her New Leaf. Very helpful tips!

This quote. It definitely applies to me!

– These magnets are rad!

– This Cheeky Terrarium DIY over at You Are My Fave.

– Interior photography by Aristea Rizakos. Wow!

And here’s a bonus photo of Lady meeting a lion. This is South Africa, after all! 😀




{photos by me}


One thought on “Weekend Treasures

  1. Christi

    Hey Susan! Just came across your blog – thank you so much for the link to my guest post on YAMF! You photos are wonderful. What a beautiful hometown you have!


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