Weekend Treasures

Good day, dear readers. How was your weekend? Is the sun shining where you’re at? The above photo is of one of our cats enjoying the morning sunshine. We’ve actually had a few lovely autumn days where it actually felt a bit like it was still summer. But alas, we all know winter is coming!

My weekend was kind of busy, but still good. I played paintball on Saturday in this old abandoned village, it was so much fun! But boy, I forgot how much it hurts when you get hit! I have quite a busy week ahead. Actually, the next 3 weeks will be very busy as we try to finish up all our assignments and projects before the finals. So if I’m not around, I’m probably drowning in literature reviews!

Here are a few things I found this weekend:

Styled Mag Issue 6. Makes me wish we were heading into summer instead of winter in SA!

– These DIY gold edge frames, so simple and chic!

Embroidered book covers.


– This gorgeous kitchen from The Yvestown Blog. Perfect style.

– The Honey & Jam food blog, beautiful photography and yummy food. Love it!




{photo by me}

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