Weekend Treasures

Hello dear readers! How was your weekend? We’re having a 5-day weekend in South Africa because of some awesome public holidays. So if you’re in SA, enjoy the rest of your weekend! And for the rest of the world, I hope Monday is kind to you. My Monday started out with a lot of clumsiness-caused messes but it can only get better from now on. I hope.

The above photo is of a very good cup of coffee at one of my favourite coffee places, Mugg & Bean. I had lunch there on Friday after finally going to watch The Hunger Games. I think they did a great job at staying true to the book. Can’t wait for the next two movies!

I only have one class this week, but I have to get started on some assignments that are due in the next few weeks. I can’t believe the final exams start in about a month’s time…eek! Although it’s kinda great to think that these might be my last exams ever. Now that is something to get excited about!

Here are a few links to cool things I found over the weekend:

– This Crop Tee at Le Souk. The heart print is so pretty!

– Interior photography by Pernille Kaalund.

– This photo by Iva Yaneva on Flickr. A good morning indeed!

– The 365 inspiration tumblr. Just makes me happy.

– This cat pillow by Donna Wilson. Cuteness!

– And lastly, this quote on a Starbucks cup.

{photo by me}


2 thoughts on “Weekend Treasures

    1. Susan Post author

      Well, either way you should still watch the Hunger Games movie! It’s really great!
      I’m glad you liked the quote, it meant a lot to me so I just had to share it 🙂


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