Weekend Treasures

Hello, dear readers! How was your weekend? I was in bed with the flu for most of this weekend. I didn’t even leave my apartment on Friday or Saturday.  Thankfully I felt a lot better yesterday so after church I had some lunch and retail therapy at the mall.  Bought the above beauties at Mr Price, along with some clothes from the new Cindy Leigh Armstrong limited edition collection. If I had unlimited money to spend (who wouldn’t love that?) I would buy just about everything from that collection, Cindy designed some pretty awesome clothes!

Here are a few cool things I found this weekend:

-Pretty clothes from Alice Nightingale… so sweet!

This lamp made from spoons by Clive Roddy. Creative much?

This is my future house tumblr. A collection of perfect home designs that I can’t get enough of.

– The Mercer Street Loft by DHD Architecture and Design. I love the different textures, and that bathroom is gorgeous.

– I know I am terribly late to this party, but Downton Abbey is amazing. I find myself torn between wanting to watch it and not wanting to watch it so it can last longer. Know what I mean?

– Lastly, this quote to keep in mind in the week ahead.

Have a great week, dear readers!

{image by me}


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