Weekend Treasures

Today I am sharing some cool links I found over the weekend as I caught up on blogs and pinterest. I decided to put them all in one post to share with you, dear readers. And of course, the photo is of the one and only Yum Yum, keeping me company and being her generally lazy self!

This recipe over at Sugar & Cloth blog. I am totally willing to test whether these are really the World’s Best Vanilla Cupcakes!

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On, a really cool youtube video. Found here.

-An insightful post on balancing the creative with the daily over at Pie N’ The Sky blog. A must-read!

-These genius DIY tag-shaped stamps at the Creature Comforts blog.

-I love the understated glamour of this outfit. I need to buy a blazer!

-And lastly, this quote by Charles Eames.

Hope you had a good weekend, dear readers! Did any of you in the US watch the Hunger Games movie? I can’t wait until the 13th of April when it finally starts showing in South Africa!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Treasures

    1. Susan Post author

      Aww, thanks! πŸ™‚ And yes, it is incredibly annoying when they do that. Yum Yum regularly picks the keyboard as the spot for her nap, and then she looks so peaceful and cute that I don’t have the heart to move her!


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