Amanda Mabel

Lovely photography by Amanda Mabel found on Flickr.

Day 113/365 ~ You Don’t Take a Photograph, You Make It [Explored!]
Day 247/365 ~ I Don't Know What I Want, So Don't Ask Me Cause I'm Still Trying to Figure it Out [Explored!]
Day 246/365 ~ The Past is Gone; but You Can Still Be Free If Time Will Set You Free [Explored Front Page!]
Day 185/365 ~ You're Not Alone; There is More to This, I Know; You Can Make it Out You Will Live to Tell
Day 186/365 ~ Life is Like a Piano..What You Get out of It Depends on How You Play It
Day 216/365 ~ For Me, the Camera is a Sketch Book, an Instrument of Intuition and Spontaneity [Explored Front Page!]
Day 153/365 ~ In the End, the Love You Take is Equal to the Love You Make“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

{all images by Amanda Mabel}


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