My Favourite Things

Hello, dear readers.  Hope you all had a great week! This week we were really busy at varsity although a highlight was definitely the fashion drawing practical class we had on Wednesday.  It was so much fun and I learnt some valuable skills that I will have to apply to complete a fashion project I’m working on.  Exciting things, I tell you!  Even though my sewing skills aren’t…how do I put this? Let’s just say that for a very long time I tried to stay as far away from a sewing machine as possible.  Now I’m facing my fears, whether I like it or not.  If my finished project is good enough, I’ll consider posting some photos.  But it will only be at the end of the semester. Not promising anything, though!

Some exciting news (if you’re a student at the NWU) is that a coffee shop opened in the library.  Boy, was that a good idea! The place is packed most of the time.  And no wonder.  Their coffee is yummy. Not to mention the piece of chocolate cake as big as my face. Yum. Thinking that we’ll be spending a lot of time there in the future. Yes.

If you’re from Joburg I’m sure you are aware of Decorex happening this weekend. Bring on the inspiration and pretty things!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of My Favourite Things. Have a great weekend, lovelies!

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