Book Gems

Hello, dear readers! So it’s back to varsity after 2 weeks of public holidays in SA.  I had a great time at home with my family although I’m excited to go back and get studying again. We only have a month left before exams and then the first semester is gone. Boy, time really does fly!

This week’s quote is from Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote. One of my favourite books and movies.

“Never love a wild thing, Mr. Bell.” Holly advised him. “That was Doc’s mistake. He was always lugging home wild things. A hawk with a hurt wing. One time it was a full-grown bobcat with a broken leg. But you can’t give your heart to a wild thing: the more you do, the stronger they get. Until they’re strong enough to run into the woods. Or fly into a tree. Then a taller tree. Then the sky. That’s how you’ll end up, Mr. Bell. If you let yourself love a wild thing. You’ll end up looking at the sky.” – Truman Capote (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)


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