My Favourite Things

Once again I’m posting My Favourite Things on a Saturday…Oh well, I guess late is better than never, right?

This week the weather has taken a turn and it’s been really cold. We’ve even had some rain. That’s why I just had to include some hot cocoa and comforting winter soup. I actually made the chunky veg soup in the photo this week and it is perfectly delicious! You can find the recipe here. If in need of some winter warmth or comfort food, that soup is just what the doctor ordered!

Because we’ve had so many public holidays, I’ve been enjoying being crafty and made some felt flowers.  Mrs. Priss has some awesome diy’s and tutorials and there are a few (like the Anthropologie-inspired necklace) that I still want to try.

Dear readers, I hope you have an amazing, blessed weekend! And if you’re from South Africa, enjoy (yet another) long weekend! I know I am!

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