Vintage South Africa

Today I discovered HiltonT’s photostream on Flickr and let me tell you, I was smiling wide.  As you know by now, I adore old photographs, especially those in the black and white category.  This photostream was filled with black and white photos of South Africa about 60 years ago. What a treasure! There are hundreds of photos from the archives and I spent the better part of an hour looking through the sets.  So interesting to see the history and how familiar places looked back in the day. I couldn’t just let it go without sharing, but I know that especially the South Africans out there will appreciate this post. Enjoy! And thank you to HiltonT for sharing this amazing heritage.

Pretoria Pretoria, Union Buildings 1950
Johannesburg Johannesburg, 1943
Transportation Problem in Johannesburg
Transportation problem in Johannesburg, 1943
Distant View of a Modern City...
Johannesburg in the Distance, 1950
A Johannesburg Street Scene
Jozi Streets
Overall view of Johannesburg
Egoli (City of Gold), 1943

I only focused on Johannesburg and Pretoria in this post.  Might do another one later sharing some more interesting photos of our beautiful country.

{click images for source}


One thought on “Vintage South Africa

  1. Hilton Teper

    It’s an honour and a pleasure to be included on your interesting and fascinating site.

    Best wishes from an ex-Capetonian in the U.K.,


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