My Favourite Things

Oh wow, I’m a bit late today with my favourite things post.  I was kind of confused about what day it was, because I behaved like a total hermit today and I didn’t leave my flat once.  Sigh.  It dawned on me that it maybe wasn’t such a good idea when I realized I was arguing with myself about whether I could drink yet another cup of coffee… Note to self: Get out more! And please stop arguing with yourself! Ahem. I am in a very random mood so please excuse any comments that may be indicative of mental instability.

Let’s just start with the list of favourite things this week, shall we?

1. Beautiful drawings by .masi

2. Carrots! What? This is the year of the rabbit, right? Sorry, bad joke. I’ve just been munching on some carrot batons (I kid you not. It says so on the packet) all day. Now you think I’m really weird, don’t you?

3. Therese Sennerholt Design. She has some fun prints in her shop. Take this one, for example:

4. Grey’s Anatomy. Do I have to explain this one? Thought not.

5.   This photo. It just makes me happy. And thus it made it on this list. I’m really going to shut up now.

Well, that’s all from me for now.  I hope you have an amazing weekend filled with joy, dear readers.

Oh yes, one more thing: classes start on Monday! Eek!

{click images for source}


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