January Book Round-Up Part 3

Let’s jump right into the last part of the January Book Round-Up, shall we?

People Like Ourselves – Pamela Jooste

Julia belongs to the inner circle of Johannesburg high society. It is rumored that all those not invited to her wedding had to pretend to be out of town in order to save face. But in the New South Africa, things have changed. The days of tea on the lawn are over. This elegant, perceptive novel takes a wry look at the brave new world that is the “African miracle” today, where a woman’s social standing is no longer secured by the amount of starch in her table linen, and where it is too late to wish one had taken a stand against apartheid.

  1. Pamela Jooste is one of my favourite South African writers and her books are usually amazing.
  2. People like Ourselves take a look at depression, social acceptance and the effect apartheid had on both sides of the spectrum.
  3. The book alternates between different characters’ narration. It can get confusing at times.
  4. If you live in South Africa, you will appreciate Jooste’s writing and her observations about the ‘rainbow nation’ in the new South Africa.
  5. I definitely recommend this book!

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