January Book Round-Up Part 2

All right, I know I’m a little late with part 2.  I just had to finish the 3rd book in the Hunger Games trilogy to be able to do the review.  And let me tell you, it wasn’t very hard since these books are impossible to put down.  All in all, January was a good reading month for me.  I was able to finish 5 substantial books (all over 300 pages). And all the books I read were well-written and captivating.  I was hoping to finish My Life in France by Julia Child, but when I finally got my hands on Mockingjay it was over for Julia.  Now that I’m finished with the Hunger Games, Julia can once again fill me in about her amazing life in Paris. My review of People like Ourselves by Pamela Jooste is still in the making!

Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

Sparks are igniting. Flames are spreading. And the Capitol wants revenge.

(Because this is the second book in the series I won’t post the description, seeing as it may contain spoilers)

  1. Catching Fire is the second book in the captivating Hunger Games trilogy.
  2. This young adult series is set in a dystopian world that will amaze and terrify you.
  3. Catching Fire is full of suspense and I finished it in one day.
  4. This book won the ALA Best Book for Young Adults award in 2010.
  5. Catching Fire ends in such a way that you will have to read the 3rd book!

Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

“If we burn, you burn with us.

Katniss Everdeen’s final battle has begun.”

  1. After finishing Mockingjay my head was spinning. I almost forgot to breathe during the last few chapters!
  2. It’s a brilliant (although unexpected) conclusion to the trilogy.
  3. As with the previous books, you will not be able to put this one down!
  4. One word to describe Mockingjay: Intense.
  5. Read this series if you like action, suspense and dystopian fiction.  I highly recommend it!



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