Random Rambling and a Video

Ah, it feels so good to be back at university.  Still thinking about all I wrote yesterday, but now the overriding emotion is excitement!  I moved in this afternoon and I’m almost settled in. A few things still need to find their final resting places (ooh, dramatic!), but of course it was priority to set up my internet connection. Obviously.  Or I wouldn’t be able to write this post and bore you to death with minute details of my current unpacking/sorting situation.  Like the fact that my floors are in need of a clean and I couldn’t find my little black tablecloth and now my desk is incomplete and naked.  And it bothers me for some strange reason.

Anyway, tonight I want to share a cute video I saw on A Cup of Jo a few days ago.

True, don’t you think? I confess that I’ve done that a couple of times! Although I type much slower than those two.

Hope your Monday is great so far, lovelies!

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