My Favourite Things

It’s Friday which means it’s time for another favourite things post! Yay! And I’m going back to varsity on Monday. Another yay!

Sorry about that. A 12 year old girl just took over my existence and forced me to type ‘yay’ twice in a row. She’s gone now.

This weekend will be spent mostly packing, although we’re planning on going to East Rand Mall tomorrow and visiting my gran on our way back.  I haven’t even started packing yet and I might have a mild panic attack tomorrow before the full-blown one striking on Sunday.  Usually I’m super organised and packed and ready a day before I leave.  But not this time.  I keep procrastinating (Ha! I love big words!)  Granted, this year most of the stuff is already safely stored in my flat, but there’s still a bucket-load of things I have to take.

Before I talk myself into having the panic attack right now, let’s rather focus on my favourite things.  {happy place…happy place}

1. These posters found here.  I tried to find out who the artist is, but no such luck.  If you know, please tell me!

2.  1950s Christian Dior Dress. So classic and stylish.

3.  A Felt Rose Barette I made by following this tutorial.

4.  This creative video of Arcade Fire’s song, Sprawl II (Mountains beyond mountains). I love this band!

5.  My last week of freedom before classes start the 7th of Feb.

Hope you have a fun-filled weekend!

{click images for source}


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