10 Quirky Home Finds

I’ve been browsing Mod Cloth’s online store for some quirky objects I would buy if I had my own apartment and of course if money grew on trees.  Which one of those do you think are more likely to happen? I thought so.  We’re 0ff to search for the money tree! Not.  Hopefully I’ll get my own apartment next year when I’ve got my degree. Finally!

1. Pack Rack

2. Positively Phototropic Lamp

3. Freshen Up Shower Curtain

4. A Staggering Development Jewelry Holder

5. Calm Before the Story Tea Set

6. On a Whimsy Wall Clock

7. Single Slice of Cheese Board

8. Obsolete but Neat Laptop Case

9. Lighthearted Mug (The hearts change colour!)

10. Fifi Lapin Collector’s Figurine (how cute is this?!)

So there you go. A totally random list of cool, quirky things.

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