Fun in the Garden

This morning I had so much fun taking photos in our garden.  It had rained overnight and the flowers were looking lovely!  And of course our cats joined me in my outdoor excursion.  After a while they got annoyed with me and my camera, though. Yes,  I’m talking to you, Molly!  The snails didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.  The disadvantage of being  v e r y  s l o w. . .

I’ve had my simple little digital camera for about a year and a half, and yesterday I read the ‘Photo Help Guide’ for the first time.  I’m a terrible person, I know.  Anyway, I discovered some new settings on my camera and (I like to think, you may offer your opinion) that my photos look better now.  Maybe being bored isn’t so bad after all.  It makes you do funny things like reading manuals!

As I’m typing this, a glorious Highveld thunderstorm is putting on it’s show.  If you’re from Joburg you’ll know exactly what I mean.  When I lived in the Eastern Cape a few years ago, I missed these magnificent thunderstorms! So now I’m savouring it, and at the same time hoping that it doesn’t kill our internet connection again.


yumyum2 molly
wollie molly2

{The photos were edited in GIMP}


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