Life happens

Wow, haven’t been here in a while.   After I so begrudgingly posted about the weather our adsl line got hit by lightning and they could only fix it today.  That’ll teach me! So I spent 5 days without my dear friend, the internet. Gasp! How did I do it?!  Haha, funny thing is it actually felt way longer.  But that could also be because I got a bad case of the flu and spent most of my time in bed, channeling the pathetic blob of self-pity that lives within. Really, whenever I get sick that blob appears and takes over my existence.  But I am almost better now and life is going on.

Some other news, today I went shopping for my room makeover and got some pretty cool stuff.  I found basically everything except for the curtains.  Hopefully I’ll find ones I like sometime this week.  I absolutely love how everything is coming together!  The turquoise looks amazing paired with the black and white.  I’ll post some pics a bit later when everything’s done.  In the meantime, here are some turquoise pretties I found on etsy.

1. Cameo Necklace from A Little Thistle. 2. Hummingbird Watercolour Print from Mai Autumn. 3. Vintage Radio from johnnyvintage. 4. Designer Pillow from Willa Skye. 5. Resin Flower Ring from Olives and Pearls.   6. Doris Moore Print from Coco Shack.

That’s all from me for now. It’s way past my bedtime!


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